PARTS for Ruston TA ( TA-1260 , TA-1500 , TA-1750 )  and Ruston TB (TB-3000 , TB-4000 , TB-5000 , TB-5400 ) Ruston Gas Turbines.  Our basic philosophy is to provide consumable spare parts for the Ruston TA and TB series of turbines from original or alternative sources. In addition, we aim to provide major “core ” turbine parts from the original equipment manufacturer. As these turbines age parts will become progressively harder to source which may lead us to finding alternative sources for “core” turbine parts as well.

Below are catalogs of new parts we currently stock:

Type A : Generic

Type B: Manufacturer’s Designated Supplier

Type C: Manufactured by PSI to original specifications
or redesigned by PSI



For all the turbines we service we provide four classifications of spare parts that are designated on each line item of quotes and have been checked to ensure that they will meet or exceed established O. E. M. specification.

Download / Print – parts classification PDF

Type A : Generic

These parts are of a generic nature such as fasteners, O-rings, fuses, switches, lamps and lamp holders which are purchased from reputable suppliers.

Download / Print Section A – parts catalog PDF

Type B: Manufacturer’s Designated Supplier

These parts are bought from the O. E. M.’s vendor. Examples of these items are Hale Hamilton valves, Pyropress switches, Stitt igniter plugs, and Worcester ball valves. These parts come with inspection and test certificates where appropriate.

Download / Print Section B – parts catalog PDF

Type C: Manufactured by PSI to original specifications or redesigned by PSI

These parts are either manufactured by ourselves to original specification, or we have designed an alternative. We ensure these parts will interface and operate in the same way the originals do. Examples of these parts and products include flame viewing systems, governor modules, logic cards, liquid fuel nozzles, fuel valves, blow off valve diaphragms, piping, thermocouples, and combustion chamber components.

Download / Print Section C – parts catalog PDF

Type D: Core Engine Parts

These parts are purchased from the O. E. M. and include blades, rotors and disks.

Type OE: PSI Designed

This designation is for products designed PSI for the Ruston TA and TB turbines.