PSI has developed an extensive line of repair procedures for most parts found on the turbines; examples of which are:



Gearbox bearings and thrust pads can all be re-babitted and re-machined. Thin wall shell bearings cannot be repaired.

Shafts, Bearing journals, and Thrust Collars:

Stub shafts, bearing journals, and thrust collars can be ground, hard chromed, re-ground and balanced. In case of stub shafts these have been done without dismantling the rotor.

Lube Oil Pumps:

These can be repaired with new rotors from the original supplier. In addition we have successfully repaired pump casings by brazing and re-machining.

Combustion Components:

We have established repair procedures for TA and TB *flame tubes, extensions, swirlers, volutes, and hot elbows. This includes renewing special coatings, and use of thermal barriers where appropriate.

Fuel Valves:

Both gas and liquid fuel valves can be repaired with new internal components for which we have established sources of supply.

Burners, Liquid Fuel:

Repair and calibration service is provided for these units. Burners, Gas Fuel: Repair and Flow check are provided for these units, but final calibration must be done in the field as part of installation.

Fuel Valve Actuators:

These can be repaired including modification of the bearing sleeve which often has become seized in humid conditions; we also replace stepper motors and positioning potentiometers when necessary.


Repair and overhaul complete and partial governor assemblies.

Fuel Supply Slam Shut Valves:

Repair and replace diaphragms, seals, magnetic door assemblies, reset valves, and can install indicating switch for remote annunciation.

Inlet Guide Vane Actuators:

Repair both inlet guide vane Bellofram pneumatic actuators and air relay valves.

Blow Off Valves:

Repair and replace, diaphragms, valve assembly, and bearings. Repair valve stems with spray metal coating and re-machining. Repair valve by inserting new steel valve seats.

Pressure Regulators:

Repair and replace seals and seats.

Pressure and Temperature Switches:

Replacement actuators and micro switches are available. All repaired switches are fully tested and calibrated prior to dispatch.

Solenoid Valves:

All types can be repaired; we have established both original and alternative parts suppliers.

Gas Starter Motor:

Can rebuild all gas starter motors, provide reconditioned exchange service from the original manufacturer and alternative suppliers, and rebuild all clutch assemblies.

Electric Starter Motors:

Can repair TA electric starter motors with original manufacturer’s parts or our own depending on availability.


Established reputable sources for blade repair in the U.S. We recommend that all static blades be repaired unless metallurgy tests dictate otherwise; repair of rotating blades should only be done in cases of minor mechanical damage.

Gas Producers, Static and Rotating Elements:

Have facilities and tooling to rebuild these items. Major parts for the rebuild may be provided by us or the customer. New OEM parts can be provided if required; we can supply new or reconditioned parts from other sources depending on customer’s requirements which can substantially reduce the cost of the repair. In these instances, PSI will dismantle the unit, evaluate whether recovery action can be taken on the blades shafts, wheels and advise customer accordingly. The rebuild includes certification of balancing of rotating units, build and clearance sheets.
Other Items:

We are happy to help locate and repair other hard to source and expedite items, especially of European manufacture.

Control Systems:

Chassis 1: Repair or replace flame viewing cards.
Chassis 2: Repair or replace low voltage sensing units, and all printed circuit cards.
Chassis 3: Repair or replace all printed circuit cards.
Chassis 4: Both R.E. and Rustronic governor modules can be repaired and calibrated.
Chassis 5: R.E., Delta, and Rustronic modules can be repaired and calibrated.
Chassis 6: Latest version inverter / converters cannot be repaired because of a potting compound used to cover the components. With use of our flame viewing, the whole system can be converted to 24 VDC.

Cabinet Assemblies:

We strip, refurbish and rewire existing cabinets.

Auxiliary Cabinets:

Where special purpose electronics such as valve sequencing, vibration analysis, or surge control units are provided, we can repair these on an as required basis.